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Wii Want Fitness

By Ellis Taylor

Whether or not Nintendo's intentions was to create a machine that burns as much calories as a marathon sprinter is unknown. They don't advertise the physical benefits much but it's the most fun I had doing any workout.

The Wii is a video game console that hooks up to your television and uses your movements to control the game. In your hand is a wireless controller that communicates with a sensor strip on the game console. As you move the controller, your animated character shadows your movements, as if you were in the game yourself.

The Nintendo Wii already has a variety of games ready to tire you out. The most popular are the series of sports games, varying from tennis, baseball and even boxing. Playing these games in particular will definitely make you sweat. As you can imagine, you swing your controller like a racket during the tennis game and, jab and hook while playing the boxing game. Although you're physically not hitting anything, the movements are real.

The Wii is not just limited to sports games on a controller anymore. Nintendo is now releasing a new title called 'WiiFit', which uses a wireless mat to recognize your body's movements as you shift your weight on the Wii-board. The board calculates the users BMI and gives them a 'Mii' character accordingly. Then as you play, it shows your progress over a period of time. So if your getting fatter, then your not playing enough Wii Fit.

Now, if you want to shed some extra fat, especially around the stomach area, playing some Nintendo Wii is a good pastime to help reach that goal. And now with the upcoming release of the “Wii Fit', you can broaden your Wii exercises in your own living room. Mix sports with exercise with the Wii extensive array of activities, including baseball, yoga, aerobics, bowling, boxing, muscle stretches, and various other games that can provide you with a core workout. Anyone can play, ages 9 to 99.

One thing you must understand however is that the Nintendo Wii is not a substitute to your daily exercise routine. As fun as it is, going out and practicing your World Cup Soccer moves are still better than playing Wii. So just to clear things up with the moms out there, I am not suggesting replacing physical activity with playing the Wii.

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